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Millville Campus

Millville Women and Intensive Outpatient Therapy

2 Hillcrest Avenue
Millville, NJ 08332

The Millville campus is unique as it is a 10-acre property comprised of 2 main buildings. One building will serve 24 halfway house female beds and the other building will be used for outpatient and intensive outpatient services. The 10 acres will allow Hendricks House Group to engage the Recovery Community with special events and will allow clients an area to enjoy nature and reflection (Memorial Garden).

Millville Residence for Women

The Millville Women’s Residence will serve 24 women, in a Halfway House level of care setting (ASAM3.1). Treatment at this level of care is clinically driven, with a length of between 4-6 months. While receiving treatment at the Millville Women’s Residence, you will live in a home-like setting, with a residential wing and dining room on the first floor and a lower level that will be equipped with a laundry room, a work out area, a media room, therapy rooms and a family room area. The dining room can accommodate everyone at one long family style dinner table. You work with their roommates to cook dinner for the program on a rotating schedule, so that everyone can participate and learn cooking skills. The family style dinner table creates a sense of family with others in treatment, the staff and counselors who also share the meal. While at dinner, everyone will have an opportunity to share the days events, discuss important issues and at times share experiences with our alumni.

Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Program

The outpatient/administration building will be used for Hendricks House Group’s Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient programs. The building is set up with a large meeting area, a computer lab, small rooms and media area. Clients will receive group and individual therapies here while in treatment. Those served in the Outpatient program will receive a few hours a week of group/individual therapy to ensure that they are supported in the skills they have learned to fortify their continued recovery. Those served in the Intensive Outpatient program will receive a combination of case management, primary group, individual sessions and psychoeducation group totalling approximately 10 hours per week. Those in this program may receive these services through parellel care or may live in the community and require structured sessions to assist with learning new skills or reinforcing previously learned skills to ensure continued sobriety and recovery.

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