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If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, make one simple call to our addiction helpline. We are here to help facilitate the admissions process to an addiction treatment program that will bring you one step closer to a addiction free future. 

Admission Criteria

Admission Process

If you are ready to seek help with us, we will first complete a telephone interview/screening so we can do an intake evaluation to make sure moving forward with the admission is the right fit.

We use an assessment tool to assist in diagnosis and placement criteria, a bio-psycho-social assessment, and other information that is required by our funding source. (NJSAMS)

If you are found ineligible for services, then you and the referring agency will be notified of the ineligibility and we will offer alternative referrals for admission.

You may qualify as a priority of admissions based on seriousness of your need:

  1. Pregnant injecting drug users
  2. Pregnant substance abusers
  3. Injecting drug users
  4. All other substance abusers

Once you have been accepted into our program, an appointment will be made to see a physician within 72 hours for TB testing.

You must be medically cleared to be free from all communicable diseases before admission.

At admission, you will be reviewed by the treatment team consisting of Executive Director, admissions and clinical staff.

On your road from addiction to recovery, we are here for you.

You can reach us at
856-794-2443 x123

Your referral packet can be faxed to

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